The data and information that flows through a company working within the pharma sector is imperative to how effective that organisation is. As with biotech and healthcare, the pharma industry receives, controls, and manages data and information relating to suppliers, clients, and individual patient data that must be secured for several reasons. There is a double-pronged necessity for pharma data to be protected from cyberattack and the deletion or misuse of patient data, as well as robust data recovery and backup protocols to ensure that a pharma organisation never suffers from downtime that has a critical impact and long-term damage.

In terms of data recovery and a robust backup system in pharma, you must understand the critical nature of the data and information. There are strict regulatory and industry standards and compliance that has to be met at all times, and with the experience of a company, such as AgosIT, a pharma company can ensure these are met, whilst simplifying processes and ensuring that there is minimal downtime when disruption strikes.

Our team understands how important it is to use data in an effective and intelligent way, ensuring that all data processes are as simple as possible. We are proactive with the implementation of robust backup and data recovery processes, because we know how difficult it can be to react to a disaster involving data within the pharma sector. Our backup processes are simple and smart as a result, always improving processes rather than reacting to disasters.

Our managed backup solutions provide extensive and thorough means to keep your data safe at all times and get your organisation back up and running as quickly as possible. In such a time-critical sector such as pharma, this makes a massive difference to the confidence your staff, suppliers, and clients have in your organisation. We provide onsite and cloud backup solutions, fully compliant with best practice within the industry and with regulatory requirements. Industry professionals with knowledge of the sector manage and maintain the entire process, providing high levels of availability and a proactive approach to monitoring systems. We provide a system that has in-built ransomware and virus protection, and the entire process is built on the idea of minimal downtime and effective solutions for business continuity in the worst circumstances.

Pharma, biotech, and healthcare sectors all hold important and critical data and information. It is vitally important that there is a robust and effective system in place that protects against disruption and provides a simple backup and data recovery process. Lost time means lost money, and in some cases, causes potential danger to patients reliant on these sectors. At AgosIT we understand the importance of robust backup and data recovery in the pharma sector. We can help your organisation to implement a stringent policy that protects your data, ensures that information is safe and secure at all times, and that in the worst-case scenarios there is minimal disruption to daily operations as data recovery is fast and effective.

The pharma sector poses plenty of challenges, and our team has the experience and know-how to meet these challenges head on, providing your organisation with the support and the effective application of data recovery and backup systems that help to keep your data safe.

For more information about our specific services, contact the AgosIT team today on 020 8132 5240 or, or alternatively you can book a consultation and we will contact you at a convenient time for you.

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