Microsoft released Windows 7 on 22nd October 2009 and finally ended their support for this globally popular operating system on 14th January 2020. This means that Microsoft will no longer be offering technical support or security patches from Windows Update which results in your endpoints no longer being secure and could be a vulnerability in your network. Microsoft and AgosIT strongly recommend that organizations act now and upgrade to Windows 10 to avoid having any issues.

Organizations have the choice of purchasing new hardware that is already pre-installed with Windows 10 or reutilizing current hardware and preforming a technical rebuild on that hardware with a version of Windows 10. Whilst these processes seem simple and that it is a case of logging into the PC and working as normal, it is imperative that each organization configures their networks and domains in such a way to block data being sent back to 3rd parties, especially those in the Healthcare, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, CRO and Life Science industries.

The Healthcare, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, CRO and Life Science industries strictly regulate and stipulate how data is to be managed and secured which is regularly forgotten about when it comes down to the end users computer and the data it sends back for analytical or sample data. Most IT Managers have noticed that when these policies are looked at, the strain on internal resource means that looking for external consultants to come in and assist with the workload is high on the agenda, but there is also the element of finding a partner who can assist with ongoing support and end-to-end progress. AgosIT are a Silver Microsoft partner with decades of experience on securing Windows devices in the Healthcare, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, CRO and Life Science organizations.

Our Solution Architects will manage, implement and secure your network and endpoints to assist you through the minefield to ensure compliance, a smooth transition and technical training for end users. All of our services can be flexed around how your organization works.

Get in touch with one of our AgosIT Technical Services Solution Architects today to see how we can assist you with your Windows 7 End Of Life project.

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