Strategic Services

Strategy & Operations Development

Strategy Development

  • Healthcare aligned strategic technology improvements
  • Regulatory and good practice considerations
  • Globally accessible, industry compliant, technology improvements

Operations Development

  • Aligning IT operations to organizational missions & goals
  • Internal IT operation considerations
  • Organizational culture change
  • Adoption and acceptance of new technologies & practices
  • Budget support
  • Organizational reporting

Project Management

  • ITIL aligned project management expertise
  • Agile PM (Project Management) methodology
  • IT support and management for early phase, live or rescue projects
  • GAMP5 validation project implementation
  • Turn-key solution delivery

Role Fulfilment

  • IT professionals available for fixed term placements
  • Onsite or remote advice and guidance
  • Audit preparation support roles
  • Role transfer and handover assistance
  • CIO as a service
  • Placing industry experts in:
    • Validation
    • Security
    • Support
    • Project Management

Risk Assessment

  • Organizational IT environment assessments
  • Risk mitigation
  • Risk remediation
  • Risk audit reports
  • Critical findings advice and guidance
  • Risk assessment outcome support

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