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A clinical audit is a way for a regulatory body to discover whether a healthcare institution is delivering its service in line with the regulatory standards that it is meant to. An audit inspection of this nature paints an accurate picture of many different aspects of a healthcare institution and allows healthcare providers and patients understand how well the service is being delivered and where improvements are required.

The overall design of a clinical audit is to ensure that processes and practices are improved for the standards of care to improve the lives of patients.

At AgosIT we can provide our expertise to help ensure that the staff at a healthcare institution are fully prepared and ready for an audit to take place, looking at all aspects of the IT network and structure of the healthcare institution with an eye on audit readiness.


How Can AgosIT Help a Healthcare Institution Prepare for an Audit Inspection?

At AgosIT we understand the critical nature of a healthcare institution being ready for an audit inspection. Audit inspection readiness is one of the key services that we offer to our clients. This service can be broken down into the following:

Pre-Audit Inspection – There are a couple of ways in which we can deliver this aspect of the audit readiness service. The first is that it is performed as a full disclosure audit – helping healthcare institutions to identify any compliance risks before they are discovered by a regulatory body. The other option is to perform a closed mock audit. The idea behind this is to encourage audit readiness through a process where staff have the chance to meet expectations and standards without the worry of a genuine risk of regulatory findings.

Control Room Setup – Having a good control room process in place is one of the key components of ensuring that a healthcare institution is ready for an audit inspection. Without this it is difficult to control and manage the process effectively.

Management of Processes – With a control room set up, the AgosIT team can help implement processes and suggest improvement that help to support effective control room management. This is another key aspect of flying through an audit inspection and minimising the risk of regulatory punishment.


All of our team is experienced in delivering effective audit inspection readiness. It is also important to understand that once a regulatory audit has taken place that all findings are reported accurately. We can assist in putting together a report that issues corrective and preventative actions for the future of your healthcare institution.

With the experience we have in the healthcare, pharma and biotech sectors, our clients understand that we have the necessary skills to ensure they are completely ready for an audit inspection. Regulatory audits can be stressful times for all involved and our range of audit readiness services ensure that all bases are covered and that your team knows what is expected of them.

For more information about how we can help your healthcare organisation, contact the AgosIT team today on 020 8132 5240 or [email protected], or alternatively you can book a consultation and we will contact you at a convenient time for you.

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