In an age where the NHS is more stretched than ever before, the solutions that are available to provide stricter control of data, smoother internal processes, and an integrity of service have never been more important. Cloud-based solutions can be the answer to some of the problems facing the budgets and over-stretched nature of the NHS and other healthcare institutions today, as long as they are implemented in a secure and effective way. At AgosIT we believe we have the expertise and the track record to ensure this is possible, improving standards across the board.

Cloud services are a great way to improve efficiencies within a healthcare setting. They can be used effectively to help meet strict regulatory targets and standards and are also a way for a healthcare provider to feel safe about storing patient information that is deemed confidential and sensitive in nature. One of the biggest bonuses of utilising cloud services is that it is a much quicker process than the traditional methods employed. A healthcare provider can quickly utilise cloud-based services without the need for the grind of an upfront cost or process that slows everything down.

This approach to utilise cloud services within healthcare not only improves standards and helps to improve the security of data, it is also a great way to offer flexibility and streamline costs at the same time. With an expert team, such as AgosIT, to implement cloud-based services, it could have positive ramifications for a healthcare institution that provide strong foundations for the foreseeable future.


The AgosIT Approach to Cloud Security

We believe in providing healthcare institutions with access to our effective managed backup solutions. With both onsite and cloud backup solutions we can provide peace of mind that there are business continuity options that allow for minimal disruption whilst keeping data safe to industry and regulatory standards and practices. The safety of data and information and the clear flow of processes through any healthcare institution is imperative to effective supplier chains and patient care. With this in mind, our cloud-based solutions are secure and have the best interests of your patients are heart. 

Understanding the importance of the cloud within the healthcare sector is an important part of ensuring a healthcare institution is as secure as possible. At AgosIT we have experience of working within the healthcare, biotech and pharma sectors, securing networks, data and information for our clients in a way that protects against potential cyberattack and minimises the potential for long-term disruption through effective cloud back-up and recovery options. If you would like to find out more information about our range of services and how we can help deliver managed backup solutions, please feel free to contact our team today at [email protected], or alternatively you can book a consultation and we will contact you at a convenient time for you.


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